Collection & Delivery - Covid - 19

In order to reduce the risk of spreading Corona-virus, Re-use computers have implemented a Collection & Delivery scheme to reduce unnecessary contact.

Re-Use will drive to the desired location (within a 20-mile radius from our office) to pick up your damaged device. The device will be placed into the back of our van by yourselves to limit the risk of spreading germs.

We will complete a free diagnosis on your device to conclude the issue and provide you with a quote before any works are carried out.

If repairs are required and completed on your device, payment will be taken via Paypal with details given over the phone. We are taking no cash payments during this period.

Once payment has cleared, we will then deliver the device back to you, which will then be taken out of the van by yourselves.

Give us a call on 0113 8272121, or fill out the contact form below.