Leeds Desktop Repairs


Reuse Computers performs Onsite Desktop Repairs in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

As with everything, at some point, your desktop will develop a fault (Loud noises, Turning off automatically, Won’t start up, Running very slow, error messages on the screen).

All these issues can be repaired at your home or place of work.

Re-Use Computers carries a variety of parts in stock at all times which means we can complete 90% of repairs on the first visit.

Laptop Repairs

Loud Noises


Loud noises are normally made from faulty fans that are used to keep the computer cool whilst running.

Desktops these days have 3 types of fans, Power supply, CPU, and Graphics Card cooling.

These can all be either serviced or replaced

Turning off automatically


This issue is a bit more difficult as it could be multiple issues, (Software or Hardware issue).

The main thing to look for is how it is turning off.

Is it just going to a black screen and restarting or is it just turning off.

Once we know what it is doing we can then start to check and see what is causing it.

This could be Overheating (See above) or it could be a Windows Update that did not install correctly.

Won’t Start Up


No Power and not starting up are 2 common issues we face on a daily basis.

This can be as simple as a fuse in the power lead to a replacement power supply or a new System Board.

These types of repairs are quoted on a case-by-case scenario due to the issue could be any one of a number of components that could fail.

Running Slow


A Desktop Running Slow again can be multiple issues.

Overheating and Hard Drive issues are the main two reasons your desktop could run slow.

Both issues can be fixed and done in your home or place of work.

Price List

Please see Below our pricelist for onsite repairs

          • Windows Reinstall – £50
          • Virus Removal – £50
          • SSD Replacement (240GB) – £50
          • SSD Upgrade – TBC
          • Data Transfer – £50
          • Thermal service – £50
          • Fan Replacement – TBC
          • Memory Supply and Install – TBC
          • PSU Replacement – TBC

If the repair you are wanting is not listed please call.

Onsite Repairs - Area Covered

Desktop Repairs
A Mask is required when visiting and carrying out this repair