Here at Re-Use Computers, we offer a custom PC building service. We can build a PC precise to your needs, whether that is gaming, editing, etc.

Choosing us to build a machine for you will ensure there will be great performance as we will tend to your budget. With us you will get the exact features and design you want, we can tweak pretty much anything for you, whether that is a particular style of case you want or some LED lighting.

When it comes to us custom building your PC, we will ensure it is future-proof, and that it won’t go out of date with all the new games being released.  Also, we offer after-sale service with a 12 month RTB warranty, this means if you should encounter any problems we will be available to support you.

At Re-Use computers, we can also advise you on what type of specifications you would need if you are unsure of what you need. For example, you can tell us what types of games you play, and we will build you a PC suitable for those particular games.